Saturday, August 23, 2008

One 3L's compliment to USF's new 1Ls

Piggybacking off Keenan's post, I'd like to extend a round of applause to this year's batch of 1Ls at USF. Fantastic turnout, folks. We made a push for the unofficial Bar Night last year, and it wound up just being our usual group of friends and one or two 1Ls. This blogger (who made it his mission as a student orientation leader to promote Bar Night, ACS, TMC, and all around law-school-good-times) was personally delighted by the Class of 2011's early commitment to morale boosting alcohol consumption. Terrific start to what should be a terrific year.

Oh, and while I'm here: let's extend a big thumbs-down to Keenan for misspelling "morale" on the Bar Night flier. According to Keenan, TMC stands for the "The Moral Committee." As a TMC enthusiast (though not a co-founder, sadly), I can say that the TMC I know and love does not concern itself with morality in any fashion--unless it be a-morality. Partial thumbs-down to yours truly for not catching the typo in the first place.

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Dave said...

1L's should be at home reading, not out carousing with y'all.