Wednesday, August 13, 2008

February Bar Results Out: Not Too Shabby USF

Thanks to our friends at Traditional Notions, it's come to our attention that the February CA Bar results came out and USF didn't do too shabby.

Here are the actual results for USF:

USF/ CA ABA Approved/ Overall
First Time
Took: 14/ 503/ 1499
Pass: 10/ 313/ 801
% pass: 71/ 62.2/53.4


Took: 38/ 1328/ 3034
Pass: 19/ 577/ 996
% pass: 50/ 43.5/ 32.8


Took: 52/ 1831/ 4533
Pass: 29 /890/ 1797
% pass: 56 / 48.6 / 39.6

As TN put it:

It was noted here last winter that USF beat Berkeley Law in first-time passage rate of the July 2007 California Bar Exam. The Bar is administered twice a year, and the February 2008 data are out. USF beat Boalt once again! And Hastings. And a bunch of others. As a matter of fact, we beat the rest of the ABA schools with the exception of Stanford, USC, Loyola and California Western.

Of course, a lot less people take the Bar for the first time in February, thus the numbers should be taken with a grain of salt.

What does this mean? As usual, not much. Berkeley will go on having excellent OCI prospects, taking open book exams and failing to disclose class ranks. We'll probably keep on falling in the rankings.

Indeed, these results should be taken with a grain of salt as there was a very small amount of takers, thus a very small sample pool. And statistics being what they are... just statistics. So, while I'm happy that USF did reasonably well on the February Bar exam...we're still crossing our fingers and hoping for the best for our friends who took the July exam. In all, great job to those February takers who passed! And good luck to all of those who took it in July!

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