Thursday, August 14, 2008

2 Men Shot to Death in Car Near USF Campus

Per the SF Chronicle:

Two men were found shot and killed early today inside a parked car bordering the University of San Francisco campus, police said.

The shooting was reported at 5:30 a.m. at 2245 Golden Gate Avenue, a police spokesman said.

Officers were summoned to the scene by a report that the men were sleeping inside the vehicle.

No arrests have been made. Homicide investigators are at the scene of the shooting.

University spokeswoman Anne-Marie Devine said the car was parked on a city street bordering campus and next to the Harney science building. Initial reports indicate that the two victims were not USF students or "anyone affiliated with the university," she said.

As much as homicides are a problem (and indeed, they are), the proximity of this one to USF doesn't actually bother me too much. The victims don't appear to be affiliated with USF, and for the most part, despite being bordered by some shady neighborhoods, USF, aside from general thefts, I believe is a fairly safe neighborhood. What I mean, is that I don't anticipate this being some sort of gruesome trend. Of course you still have to remain smart about things when you're out and about. But around USF, you may occasionally walk into trouble, I don't feel as if trouble will necessarily come looking for you. I believe it's an isolated incident and will (hopefully) remain as such. SF is pretty small. Sometimes the neighborhoods mix- inevitable in an urban environment like SF. But at least we're not near Hastings.

UPDATE: The two men in the car have been identified as Isiah Turner, 34, and Andre Helton, 18, both of San Francisco. They were parked in a rental car between Kitterage and Chabot. Among the many other instantaneous questions that arise, it's unclear from the information released by police if that's where they were killed or if the victims were killed in another location.

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