Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The New 1Ls and Law School Musical

Today orientation started for the new 1Ls at our school. Oddly, I served as an orientation student leader. This means that I, and a partner, spent two hours of our day speaking to a small group of new minted 1Ls. (It's not clear whose brilliant idea it was to have me be the first impression of any new law students... but so be it. I got a free dinner and wine out of it.) In our presentation we talked to them about what it's like at USF, what to expect from law school, etc. We told them not to worry: academics come first, but it shouldn't sacrifice your sanity. I mean, we're not Hastings. We care about our people. I have no idea what they thought of my presentation. Hopefully I did more good than damage. We'll see.

The new 1L crop seemed really nice. They asked (for 1Ls) intelligent questions and seemed to be cautiously enthusiastic about law school. It's about where they should be. Somewhere between naive and afraid. I look forward to seeing them wander the halls in a week or so.

Anyhow, this got me thinking about my favorite law school video: law school musical!

Looking back at 1L year, this video is depressingly accurate. Which makes it that much more amazingly funny. It's also a great reminder that if we can't sit back and laugh at ourselves and the situation we put ourselves in here in law school, we'll never make it out alive. So, study hard, and be prepared to laugh at your own collateral estoppel and "hairy hand" jokes. You'll know you're truly in law school once you finally do. Nerd.

And, for the record, I did have a "broke ass Dell" my first year. And it finally broke over the summer. I now roll with a ThinkPad. So far, much better. Hopefully, it stays that way.

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