Saturday, April 26, 2008

U of Georgia doesn't like Justice Clarence Thomas

Apparently folks down in Georgia don't take a particular liking to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. As the commencement speaker at the University of Georgia, the flagship public university in his home state, he has apparently sparked a lot of controversy. According to the article, the university is going through the process of changing its sexual harassment policy and some faculty members think having Justice Thomas speaking sends the wrong message.

This is just pure stupidity. While I may not agree with very many of Justice Thomas' opinions (and I find his giving a commencement speech ironic given his involvement with arguments while on the Bench- apparently now he has something to say...) but Justice Thomas deserves the respect a Supreme Court Justice should be afforded. Even granting his issues with his confirmation, this has no bearing on his ability to share some life lessons with graduating students. Justice Thomas has worked hard to get where he is. Not everyone becomes a Supreme Court Justice. It's a unique path in life and I am very certain Justice Thomas has something to say about the matter. The University of Georgia is simply embarrassing itself. I think the Volokh Conspiracy got it right when suggesting the school should switch with Northwestern University Law School to get Jerry Springer.

I also share the same disgust with my alum, UCLA, who is having Bill Clinton as its commencement speaker. Apparently the Daily Bruin is upset with this, claiming him to be a "thoughtless" and "poor choice." Spoiled kids have it tough.

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