Monday, April 14, 2008

Obama Supporters not Happy with "Bitter" Blogger

For those who don't know, the person who first reported Mr. Obama's "bitter" comments was a 61 year old blogger named Mayhill Fowler. She blogs for the Huffington Post's blog, offthebus, a blog that follows the candidates on the trial.

Well, apparently Mr. Obama supporters aren't happy with Mrs. Fowler. They argue that the fund raiser she was at, when the comments took place, was a "closed fundraiser" meaning that journalists weren't invited. Even more so, she was not personally invited, but came as a guest of someone who was invited. Therefore, she should not have blogged about the event.

Aside from the complicated questions of what journalistic duties fall upon an unpaid blogger who was known to the Mr. Obama campaign; and aside from the fact that these comments could be a major blow to Mr. Obama's campaign (we won't know yet- who knows, maybe voters won't care about the comments...); my first thought was: would Mr. Obama supporters be admonishing a blogger who, in the same manner as Mrs. Fowler, recorded a "closed fundraiser" event of Mrs. Clinton or Mr. McCain, upon which that candidate made the same remarks as Mr. Obama?

Probably not.

That being said, Mr. Obama supporters who are upset with Mrs. Fowler need to back off and reassess any potential hypocrisy. Mr. Obama simply shouldn't have said what he said.

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