Friday, April 18, 2008

Thought I'd let folks know that I worked in "yes we can" into my closing arguments for my trial practice class.

Here's the excerpt:

But, if you think that is something that we cannot accept. That we should hold people responsible for their mistakes. If accountability is something you value in society, then, right here, ladies and gentleman, we have the opportunity to change this. We can do it. Yes we can. We can send a message today that we are standing up for all that is right in society. We are taking back the morals we learned as children. We can bring back honesty into our life’s work. By holding the defendants responsible for their actions, we will be sending a message to the business world that we, as citizens, demand accountability. We demand safety. And we demand honesty. And if this is what you believe, then you must find for the plaintiff, my client, Joe Minor. Because that is what he believes. And that is what justice demands.


Dave said...

No you can't.

Jeeni and Jeni said...

Oh yes he can and did, I was there. :)