Monday, April 14, 2008

Obama gives the ol' "switcheroo"

It appears as if Obama is now looking a little less "above the political fray" and now just your standard politician: saying one thing to one group, then turning around and saying another thing to another, just to get a nice applause line.

Earlier in the campaign, Obama was acccused of giving Canada (of all countries) the "wink, wink" regarding his stances on trade. Of course he denied it, and explained to the country that he was anti-NAFTA. Of course, his view on trade is currently in question, now that he's blasted small town Pennsylvanians for their "anti-trade sentiment."

On the issue of religion, Obama has paid all sorts of attention and homage to his faith. In 2006, he gave a speech on religion that was nothing short on phenomenal. On his website, he lists his "Faith Principles," stating that "progressives should boldly approach matters of faith," and that "God's presence is a source of hope." This is the message of faith he wishes to give to the public; a direct contrast to his statements to the small group of San Francisco elites where he implied that small town Pennsylvanians use religion as a crutch to hold up against their bitterness for their economic conditions, whereas as the small number of highly educated and wealthy Harvard graduates likehimself (and I'm sure others in the room), who don't have bitter feelings towards their economic conditions, can move past that sentiment, and simply "worship an awesome God in the blue states." In short, Obama appears to give the sentiment he is "holier than thou." Apparently, not just a character trait shared solely by Hilary Clinton.

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