Monday, September 1, 2008

The Predator's Ball

Yes, I realize this blog heading is a rip off of a book written about Michael Milken had his junk bond buy outs, but I think it aptly describes the media vetting process of John McCain's VP choice, Sarah Palin. From how it's started, it has been ugly. Picked and announced only a few days ago, not only does Mrs. Palin have no significant political experience to speak of, it's already been disclosed that she fibbed in her first national speech about fighting the "bridge to nowhere," is not even really a Republican, has ethical questions, and now she's been forced to release a statement explaining her family.

Indeed, recently been disclosed that Mrs. Palin's daughter, Bristol Palin is five months pregnant. Unmarried, and 17 years of age, this was, to say the least, shocking. I'm not sure if anyone thought Mrs. Palin would announce this of her daughter. I mean, there's nothing wrong with it. It's just unexpected. What's even more breathtaking, is that this information was only released in an attempt to take any wind out of the sails of an accusation by the Daily Kos suggesting that not only is Ms. Palin five months pregnant, but in fact her younger brother, Trig, is not actually her brother, but her son. Yep. Talk about explosive. Assuming, of course, this rumor is true. The accusation came from the uber-partisan Daily Kos, which has also posted pictures of her pregnant, thus refuting the rumor.

The point of this post however, is merely to point out how savage the press, and especially the blogosphere is (even more alarming, of course, are the journalistic standards that blogs possess). And it is unfair, but part of the game, that Ms. Palin has to suffer this. Even if the rumors are false, Bristol Palin, all 17 years of her time on Earth, is still being brutally bludgeoned by the investigative club of the press and it is an experience she will never forget. Quite frankly I feel sorry for her (yes, I understand the hypocrisy in me posting on this). No woman, and especially no child, should have her pregnancy broadcast all over the globe for this type of scrutiny. And it's an even greater shame that Mrs. Palin chose this path for her daughter. She must have known this was going to happen.

Alas, as bad as I feel for Ms. Palin, given the bloodthirsty nature of presidential elections and the 24 hour news cycle, it will likely only get worse. Mrs. Palin was clearly not properly vetted by McCain's people. The media and the voters (given the conversations I've had already with my friends), for sure, will make sure this is properly taken care of. And, indeed, they will have a ball.

If there is ever a time a daughter needed her mother, this would be it. But at this point, I'm not sure if there is anything her mother can do.

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