Monday, September 22, 2008

ACS USF Event Gets Associated Press Coverage

Just to let readers know, the ACS USF event held the other week- attorney Dennis Edney speaking about his client, Omar Khadr, a Guantanamo Bay detainee- received coverage by the Associated Press and was run by newspapers such as the Washington Post.  Not too shabby for an event put on by a school club. 

Although our specific club, ACS USF, isn't mentioned, USF does get a shout out.  Here's an excerpt:

SAN FRANCISCO -- For six years, and for no pay, Dennis Edney has represented Omar Khadr, the next prisoner at Guantanamo Bay to face trial in a military tribunal system that the lawyer calls a sham.

So he's stepping outside the courtroom, speaking out about his client and hoping to win a victory in another venue. His goal is to sway public opinion and pressure the Canadian government into bringing his Toronto-born client home.

"I realize the only success we're going to have for Omar Khadr is a political one," Edney said in an interview with The Associated Press after addressing aspiring lawyers at the University of San Francisco this week. "So I've moved from being a lawyer to someone who goes on the lecture circuit _ all on my own cost, of course."

Hopefuly we can put on more events that raise the profile of USF Law.  Go Dons!

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