Friday, September 12, 2008

Burnham v. Superior Court

By the third week of Fall semester, I start getting a lot of search traffic over at my blog Traditional Notions from people searching for Burnham v. Superior Court. It seems that at about this time of year, first year law students across the country start shaking their heads and saying, "What the hell does this mean? Why are the justices so contentious if this is a unanimous decision? I don't get it. Maybe if I ask teh internets I will find an answer." And they arrive at this post, where presumably most of them get confused all the more.

But some of them seem to like it. Now, with McKaskle and Putz gone, I don't know if any of these newfangled civ pro professors are even covering Burnham, or if they are even teaching the FRCP, or if they spend the whole class period talking about fabulous things like the intersection of critical theory and normative jurisprudence. But if the new profs do still cover all the personal jx cases, and if any there are any USF first-years out there reading this blog (which there aren't), and if they have any free time (which they shouldn't), and if they want to spend it learning more about Burnham (which would make them sick in the head... who the hell wants to learn more about Burnham?), they might do so by clicking here.

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