Sunday, February 3, 2008

Eddie Sutton Wins Number 800

Well, he finally did it. USF Men's BBall coach, Eddie Sutton, accomplished what he came to USF to do: win his 800th game. And he did in in style against the terribly awful Pepperdine Waves (7-15 overall, 1-5 conference). Not that the Dons are much better (they had to battle back from a 19 pt. half time deficit). This win brings their season to a 6-15 overall, 2-4 in conference. Indeed, this is truly an accomplishment. I doubt we'll see many other college basketball coaches reach this milestone. He's quite a ways, however, from the top of the list. Texas Tech coach, Bob Knight is atop that heap with a record of 902-371.

As much as I'd like to celebrate, the Dons need a plan to start rebuilding their basketball program. Sutton has already indicated he will not stay for next year, that all he came here to do was to get win 800 and then get out. With that being said, USF athletic director, Debra Gore-Mann, has a huge roll to fill in order to jump start our mediocre mens basketball program. Well, such as it is, congratulations Coach Sutton! Enjoy it. And win us some more games! Go Dons!

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