Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Bitch is the new black." - Tina Fey

Well folks, the writer's strike is over. And Saturday Night Live, that show you used to watch in middle school cause you had nothing better to do on a Saturday night (like read election law) is back and ready to satirize the presidential candidates.

SNL opened up with their take on the American press' love affair with Barack Obama. It took place in the context of a Democratic debate. In addressing the press' one sided coverage of the campaign, totally ignoring any attempts to report the news neutrally, Obama had only these words for the journalists, "Yes, we can. Yes, we can take sides." At which, it appeared one of the female moderators swooned and had hot flashes. Pretty good SNL.

SNL then took up Hillary Clinton w/ Tina Fey bringing America the "Women's News" on Weekend Update. Opening up with a take on Lindsey Lohan looking old, Fey quickly moved on to a defense of Hillary Clinton. Among other things, Fey stated that it's OK for a woman to be a bitch. "I'm a bitch... Bitches get things done," commented Fey. At which point Fey exclaimed it wasn't too late for Texas and Ohio to get "on board," cause "Bitch is the new black." And yes, New York Times blog writer, I'm pretty sure that was Tina Fey's endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

And lastly, though not quite as pointed as Obama and Clinton, SNL actually DID feature Mike Huckabee who, still refuses to "exit with class and dignity." Enjoy:

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