Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Where the Presidential Candidates Earned Their JD's

Democratic presidential candidates with JD's:

Hillary Clinton - Yale
Barack Obama - Harvard
John Edwards - UNC
Joe Biden - Syracuse
Chris Dodd - Louisville
Tom Vilsack - Albany


Bill Richardson (But has M.A. from Tuft's Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy)
Dennis Kucinich
Mike Gravel

Republican candidates with JD's:

Mitt Romney - Harvard
Rudy Giuliani - NYU
Fred Thompson - Vanderbilt
Sam Brownback - Kansas
Duncan Hunter - Thomas Jefferson
Tommy Thompson - Wisconsin

Without JD's:

John McCain
Mike Huckabee - but for what it's worth he has an honorary LL.D from Ouachita Baptist University.
Ron Paul
Tom Tancredo
Alan Keyes

My highly unscientific conclusion: there is a correlation between "presidential candidate without a JD" and "slightly nutty".


aphrael said...

Where did Tom Vilsack come from?

Dave said...

He filed with the FEC in Nov. 2006, dropped out in Feb 2007 citing fundraising concerns.

Dave said...

As a footnote, I should add that in Feb 2007, right before Vilsack announced he was withdrawing and threw his support behind Hillary, I predicted Vilsack would be Obama's running mate. So much for that prediction. But the rest of the prediction still stands a high likelihood of coming true. Check it out for yourself.