Saturday, January 12, 2008

Proof that Proofreading is Progressive.

I have spent more nights studying at USF than I care to share. Many of those have been spent in the same chair, at the same table, in front of the Federalist Society's student group board.

I rarely pay too much attention because it seems they update their postings about as often as the Night Students Coalition. By the way, if you're interested, the NSC is having their next meeting on Thursday, October 2. I know this because they have already put up two posters advertising the event. Evidently this meeting is significant as it is the only thing the NSC feels worthy of placing on their board. Of course, the alternative is that there is not one ranking member willing to expend the requisite energy to tear down the advertisements of the one-and-only thing NSC did last fall. This proposition is also likely as the poster indicates that October 2 is “tomorrow.” I could rant further about my distaste for school-group-advertisement-tear-down-apathy, but I’ll save that for another day.

I write today because I actually did take the time out of my day to peruse what the Federalist Society was offering via their board postings. I was appreciating the colors and multiple fonts of their “Toxic Diversity” ad. And like a hot coal in the eye, I was shocked to read: “Tired of the cool-aid? Come here the ‘other’ side of diversity…”

Oh my, how did I not notice this before and how did I escape someone pointing it out to me? Doesn’t that group have a hard enough time getting respect (and friends) around USF? Now they’ve gone and added “careless” and possibly “slow” to the illustrious list of “Adjectives Commonly Used to Describe the Federalist Society.”

Maybe I’m being harsh. Maybe they meant “the ‘other’ side” as a literal place and not a philosophical point of view lying somewhere on a spectrum. In that case, they probably could have used a few strategically-located commas, otherwise running the risk of looking like they have a grasp of the literary word on par with me when I was in first grade. Pick your poison Federalist Society.

It is also worth noting that the last time the Federalist Society updated their board was after I notified one of their board members that their Vice President’s (a male) email was listed as a female classmate’s, and she isn’t even listed as being a member. Can’t take the sole credit for that correction though, it was pointed out to me by Mr. LawSchool, now known as Mr. TakingTheBar.

I won’t go so far as to say ACS has been doing weekly upkeep on our board postings. But when we do, at least we use the write words.

*end snicker*

And here’s to writing a few hundred words about a typo instead of polishing up a Jessup brief.


Dave said...

Kool-aid is spelled with a K.

aphrael said...

They had some seminar on 'toxic diversity' in the same room as one of my classes, immediately preceding it, one day last semester.

Now, I usually get to school around 6.15, and go into class to setup my laptop and such; in this case, my classmates and I milled around until they vacated the room.

I knew *nothing* of this seminar, because in general I know nothing of what goes on outside my classes ... but I was *highly* amused to see the 'federalist society' banner in the classroom when i walked in. My reaction, as I described it to my friends was, basically "Doh. I feel stupid. *Of course* I should have known that only the Federalist Society would be holding a seminar on 'toxic diversity'."

MR. MORALE said...

Once again you a have proven that your wit and observation skills and hatred of anything conservative are only exceeded by your ability to procrastinate.

Well done young student.